Maria Guleghina (Soprano)
"Maria Guleghina is today the most important soprano drammatico d’agilita of her generation..."
Elena Mosuc
"Elena Mosuc established a reputation as one of the world’s most versatile and expressive sopranos."
Impresario - Veronika Dzhioeva (Soprano)
"Secure, vibrant and living the role, her sound projected effortlessly..."
Olga Peretyatko (Soprano)
"Simply and truly enchanting in all facets..."
Alexandra Lubchansky
"perfect and with tender timbre… !"
Natalya Pavlova
"Pavlova sang with melancholy warmth and a stunning tone, … Beautiful and poised, she commanded the role"
Lana Kos
"Lana Kos outrageously dominates the stage with her intense and magnificent vocality..."
Daria Terekhova (Soprano)
"Her virtuoso performance would certainly have amazed even Bellini himself..."