Impresario e.K.

Natalia Neumann
Herzog-Welf-Str. 94
D-85604 Zorneding (Germany)

DE: +49 (0)8106 248808


If you would like to audition for our agency, we invite you to write an e-mail to, completed with the following documents:

  • Personal information (address, phone number and date of birth)
  • Biography
  • Portrait
  • Links to recordings on SoundCloud, YouTube, … (or attached to the e-mail in MP3 format)

Please be aware that because of the huge interest in our company, on the one hand, and our commitment with the artists we already represent on the other, we are not always able to provide you personal feedback – as much as we would like to do that.

In case we are interested, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your interest.

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